Time To Heal – Chapter 4

He left her there in her cabin, trembling and aching from being kissed, which felt like the first of her life. She could still taste him on her lips, smell his aftershave on her skin and feel where his hands had been in her hair, on her neck, her face and pressed against her body. She’d felt his hardness against her, felt his hard arousal. Another first for her. She hadn’t wanted to want him, she didn’t do relationships, she didn’t desire men, she kept a cool distance from them. But her body had betrayed her and wanted him. 

She stumbled to the door to lock it and broke down, sobbing big loud cries, throwing herself down on her bed and cried until her face hurt. She tried to make sense of what just happened. She went over and over what had unfolded during the day and evening. Ok, so he was angry with her for talking to Charles, didn’t like the dress because it might have given the wrong message to his colleagues, but did like the dress but preferred her hair down. But hadn’t he asked her to dress more modestly? He was jealous of her talking to another man but didn’t want to talk to her himself and Charles telling her that Mr Kellias was in love with her. 

She’d never felt so confused, alone and muddled. Meeting Alexander Kellias had thrown her life into such chaos. What happened to her policy of life long celibacy and keeping away from men? But there was something about him, something that made her want to give in to his demands.

She needed to talk to her sister, she’d understand what was going on. Despite being the youngest sister, she knew far more about men than Amelia. She found her mobile phone and checked for a signal, yes there was a couple of bars, just enough. 

She looked at the clock and it was gone midnight but that would be eleven in the UK and Alice rarely went to bed early. Sitting up now, shaking, she pressed the call button and listened as it started to ring. Sleepily Alice answered. 

“Hello. Hello. Amy. Hi, you ok?”

But she could not speak.

“Amy is that you? What is it, what’s wrong?” 

She sobbed on hearing her sister’s voice, god it was so good to hear her.

“Amy you’re frightening me, what’s wrong, what’s happened? Are you ok?”

She tried to hold back the sobs and kept sniffing in an attempt to get back some control.

“Yes, I’m ok, I mean I’m not hurt. I’m safe. But something’s happened, I don’t understand what’s going on. He told me to wear a new uniform but it ended up being a Chanel dress, you know the sort of thing I hate, all clingy and revealing…..”

She knew she wasn’t making much sense but told her the whole sorry story but as she spoke she felt stupid for even calling, it sounded ridiculous. 

“Alice, I’m so sorry for calling you so late, I’m being ridiculous aren’t I? I just needed to talk it through with someone, make sense of it all. Now that I’ve said it all out loud, it just sounds like a misunderstanding. He was just making it clear that I work for him wasn’t he? He was angry, we’d had too much wine. Yes a misunderstanding. I’m his housekeeper and I think he regretted asking me to do the extra assistant role. I think Charles was trying to make mischief, wasn’t he?”

Alice let her ramble on and allowed her to carry on thinking that it had all been a silly misunderstanding. Bless her, she really was a lovely and innocent girl. 

“Amy, do you like him?” 

Alice asked knowing far more of what was happening after the short call than Amelia knew herself.

“Like him? I hate him, he’s just like all the rest, pretending to be a good person, kind, a gentlemen, when the whole time he just wanted to……………to…………well, you know what he wanted.” 

She was crying again. 

“Amelia, did he hurt you? Force you to kiss him? I mean, did you kiss him back?”

She’d be lying if she said he had forced her, he hadn’t and she was angry with herself for allowing him to do it. But she knew it was all part of him wanting control over her, a punishment for talking to Charles. Typical of a man like him to use sex to control a woman who stood up to him. 

“Look, Amelia just be careful, you know, with your heart. Don’t go giving it away too quickly. Take time to get to know a man before you, well, you know. Go to sleep now, you sound exhausted. Call me in the morning. Love you Ames.”

 She slept badly, exhausted by the day, the kiss and drunk from the champagne. She woke with the worst headache and made her way to the small fridge in her room and found a bottle of water. She drank the whole bottle and took two more tablets. She looked at the clock and it was just 7am, she didn’t have much time to shower and get up to the office to meet Mr Kellias at 7.30am, as he’d insisted the night before. 

She chose a different dress this time, a sixties shift style, shorter than the others but the high neck making it demure. She started to tie her hair into a high pony and stopped and for a moment considered leaving it down. She didn’t.

She made her way up to his office. Standing outside the door her insides flipped over more than once. Ok Amelia Chadwick from small town hicksville Derbyshire, you can do this. Do not be afraid, she chanted to herself. He was already at his desk, working. He looked up as she knocked and let herself in. 

“Good morning Miss Chadwick. How’s the head?”

Her voice sounded croaky, and coy. 

“Morning…… Mr Kellias. Not too good I’m afraid, but I’ll live. Look, I really am sorry about yesterday.” 

He went to speak but she quickly jumped in, holding up her hand.

“No, let me finish. I appreciate that you specifically asked me not to socialise with your guests, and whilst it’s important that you know it was totally innocent, I do recognise that I went against what you wanted and for that I’m sorry. I want you to know that I do appreciate that I’m here to work for you and not to socialise. It won’t happen again.”

He didn’t know what he was expecting from her, but it certainly wasn’t an apology.

But she went on. 


She paused, took a deep breath and lifted her eyes to meet his and in a low steady voice, she said.

“If you ever touch me or try to kiss me again and try to take advantage of me as you did last night, I’ll do more than try to hit you with my fist. Is that understood?”

She could barely breath now that she’d manage to get it all out. But she felt better for saying it before he had chance to say anything. She’d thought it over most of the night, and morning and decided to face it head on and tell him exactly what she thought. She’d forgive the kiss this once, he was angry and she was drunk but she had no intention of allowing it to happen again.

But now it was his turn. 

He stood up, shocked by her aggression. He knew she had guts but was surprised by her threat. He came round the desk and sat on the edge, close enough for him to see the dark circles under her eyes and how tired she looked.  

“It’s really me who should be apologising to you Miss Chadwick. I was rude to you, again. I can see now that I’ve been making a bit of habit of that since you started with us and for that I am truly sorry. I’m not really sure why, but seeing you with Charles made me………….well, I didn’t like it. Maybe I feel protective of you. You’re a long way from home, now in my care.” Stopped briefly to see her reaction.

“But I do accept that your intentions, and in fact his, were totally honourable and innocent.”

He paused and this time his voice was lower. 

“As for what happened afterwards, I can only say that it was a wonderful kiss, it felt utterly natural at the time for both of us, we both wanted it, you can’t deny that. And I certainly did not take advantage of you. No, wait before you say anything more that you might regret. But yes, you are quite right, it will not be happening again. So please forgive me and let us put this behind us?”

He put out his hand to her, a gesture of peace. 


She hesitated but took a stope forward and shook his hand.

She felt the same tingling in her stomach as she had the night before, causing her to shudder. 

“Yes ok, peace.”

He too was confused by his own behaviour last night. What on earth possessed him to kiss her like that? Possessed was a good word to describe the affect she had on him. Seeing her in that dress, showing off that figure, with that beautiful blonde hair, had stopped him in his tracks. He could barely think about anything else all day, making the negotiations almost impossible. And seeing her talking to Lord Irving, made him feel a violent jealousy he’d never known before. 

He wanted her, it really was as simple as that. He knew that now. But why her? Why now? It was the worst possible time, place and situation. He’d have to take a few cold showers to shake it off and put them back on a professional only basis. But he admitted to himself that he’d find it hard to forget the feel of her breasts against his chest and the feel of her warm mouth on his. 

The second day of meetings followed the same pattern as the day before, with the men hold up in the boardroom. But today she was taking the women into Agios Dimitrios for shopping and coffee in an old Greek coffee shop. None of the women would eat any of the delicious cakes served with the coffee of course, in fact most of them didn’t seem to eat at all. She loved being in the town but was quickly bored by the women and what she felt was their superficial lives, worries and petty concerns. And they seemed bored by what the little town had to offer, criticising the local shops and their goods. She felt defensive and hated to see them being so dismissive of the place she’d fallen in love with. 

“Darling, what happened to that lovely Chanel from yesterday?”

One of the women, Sophia, wife to a ceramics manufacturer, Italian, small, glamorous and rude.  

“A little too much for Alex to cope with? He was positively incandescent when he saw you talking to Charlie.” She laughed, looking at the other women. 

“But a little out of your league though, don’t you think?”

Before she had chance to give any kind of reply, she turned on her very high and no doubt disgracefully expensive shoes and joined the others. She could see that her comments had amused the others. How dare she humiliate her like this?

She was fuming, how dare she speak to her like that and imply, well, imply that she wasn’t good enough. It was Mr Kellias who wasn’t good enough for her. Good lord, the sooner the day was over the better. If she’d learned anything over two day trip, it was that you really couldn’t buy integrity, standards or taste. You either had it or you didn’t. 

It was going to be a shorter day with lunch on the yacht and all guests would leave by three. She couldn’t wait for it to be over so she could get back home to Mariska and Talia and normality. She’d only been gone a day but she’d really missed them both. Home. She was surprised to hear herself calling it that. But that is what the villa, Mariska and Talia had become, her family and home. Despite the incident the night before she wasn’t put off, this was still her job, her adventure and wasn’t going to give it up because someone got carried away.

Lord Irving came to find her to say goodbye and apologised for getting her into trouble. He gave her his card and said to look him up when she was back in London. She liked the idea she had made a new friend but was careful not to let Mr Kellias see them together or the card. 

Finally as the last guest left and the staff were given their final instructions, Amelia fetched her bag from her cabin and made her way down towards the car. She couldn’t wait to get home to her room, to the lovely and sweet Talia and normality. It certainly had been an incredibly strange and confusing two days and one that she was determined to put behind her and forget all about. 

She gave Mr Kellias a wide birth for a few days, giving them both time to forget their kiss and re-establish their employer/employee relationship. Although it seemed the more she tried to forget about that night, the more she thought about it. She’d even dreamed of him one night and woke to find herself bathed in sweat convinced he was kissing her again.  

Today was her day off and she was planning a trip to town to do some shopping and call in to the post office. She was getting used to the narrow winding streets of Agios Dimitrios and it really did feel like home. She hadn’t quite mastered driving into the town yet as the streets were so narrow and she was terrified of bumping the car. The very expensive and ridiculously stylish car that he’d bought for her which wasn’t really appropriate for what her and Talia needed. She’d said a number of times that a small Fiat Punto or 500 would have been perfect, the right size, economical and nippy around town. But no, Mr Kellias had ordered a huge Audi, about the size of a tank and totally useless in town. She was very happy to take the bus or walk, despite Mariska saying it was far too hot for someone with such pale skin to walk in the heat of the day. But she loved the walk, she felt safe and free and she was really starting to love the Greek landscape. 

At first she just thought it was no competition for the lush green rolling fields of Derbyshire, but it was like her eyes needed time to adjust to its beauty and now she could see the beauty in the olive trees, the wild flowers and rocky hills.  She could feel the anxiety of the last year slipping away from her and the old Amelia was starting to return. She had to admit it now that when she’d first arrived she really had been a broken little sparrow, timid and a total nervous wreck. Before……………she would never have been described as an extrovert but she had always been confident and outgoing. But now that was coming back and was at last really starting to feel healed. 

She loved the feeling of the sun on her skin, despite the need to wear at least factor forty, it was practically an overcoat. 

She loved Thursdays when she went into town and browsed the little jewellery and clothing shops that lined the town square. She picked out things to send home to her mum and sister, a little bit of her world in theirs she liked to think. The turquoise and silver jewellery shop on the square in particular was a favourite and today she picked up a pair of earrings that she knew her sister would love as much as she did. She liked to stop off and drink a small glass of wine at the Taverna and read her book or the newspapers that her Dad sent from home. She’d told him she could read all the news online but he said it wasn’t the same as feeling the paper and smelling the ink. He always put some money in too, ‘in case you need something’. She loved him for that. She missed him. She missed all of them. 

She’d got to know the owner of the taverna and sometimes he poured her a glass of ouzo with water. She hated it but drank it so as not to offend him. But today she was in a rush as she wanted to get back and use the pool while everyone was away. Mr Kellias was away and the gardener was off too. She knew she had the freedom to use the gardens and pool even when everyone was there but she just felt too self conscious and didn’t want to have to explain the scars on her back. No, it was much simpler and more relaxing for her take a swim when she was alone. 

She collected the parcel from her parents at the post office. It was newspapers again and a beautiful long letter from her mum, all about Dad and that she was worried about how much time he was spending in the garden, ‘thinks more of his tomatoes that he does of me’……….she laughed and cried at the same time. It was so strange as she missed them terribly but felt happy to be away. 

The post office was on the top road, at the top of the town and had the best view of the marina and sea. It was such a magnificent view, the sun bouncing off the boats bobbing away in the marina, the clear blue sea and the little white washed houses, she was very lucky. 

She knew that by the time she got back from her walk she’d be roasting and exhausted and pictured herself diving straight into the lovely cool pool. She’d used it a couple of times and was starting to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle.  Not that she had much of a tan, she was still pale, white in fact but annoyingly she was starting to get a covering of little brown freckles. She felt so pasty next to the other girls she saw about town and envied their rich olive skin. 

Today she wanted to call in and see Mariska at her house. She’d only been there once before but wanted to say hello and take her some flowers she’d bought in town. Mariska had been extremely kind since she’d arrived and made her so welcome. It was like having a favourite aunt around, someone she could talk to, trust and rely on. She didn’t stay long as Mariska was cooking for her family and that cool pool was calling her. 

As soon as she got back she changed into her swimming costume and dived straight into the pool. She was a strong swimmer and had been a member of the college swimming team, taking part in many gala’s against other college’s. She swam a number of lengths before she climbed out and flopped down on one of the padded sun beds. She had just enough time for an hour of sun and listen to her iPod before she would need to go down to the bus stop to meet Talia from school.

That was something she missed from home, the variety and access to new music. She had a computer but it wasn’t the same as going to see gigs and hanging out at the local The Dog & Duck on rock band gig night. But for now she relaxed and cranked up the volume.

He wasn’t planning on going back to the villa that day but his meeting with the bank had finished early and he wanted to have dinner with Talia, after being away most of the week. He’d avoided being at the villa that week, putting some space between him and Miss Chadwick, trying to clear his head from the memory of how she felt in his arms and the noises she’d made when he kissed her. 

He knew it was Mariska’s evening off and thought he could take Talia out for dinner into town. He parked the car on the drive and headed into the house. As he climbed the steps onto the front veranda, he heard singing coming from the garden. He carried on up the stairs, through the hallway and through into the lounge which led out into the garden. He was intrigued to see who it was.

As he glanced out of the window he could see through the blinds and was amazed to find that it was Amelia lying full stretch in the sun, singing at the top of her voice. He took a few minutes to watch her face, so happy and relaxed as she sang and so unlike how she was day-to-day. He was mesmerised by her pale perfect skin, he’d never seen her like this before, almost naked. It felt wrong watching her, invading her private time. But also because he couldn’t drag his eyes from her toned legs, ample breasts and creamy white skin. He flushed at the thoughts running through his mind. 

She was simply stunning. He knew she would be once he’d seen her in the Chanel, but was amazed now at how petite and curvaceous she was at the same time. Her dull uniform did nothing for her figure and when he thought about it, even on her day off she dressed demurely, covering up those wonderful assets. 

He knew he should move away, leave her to her own private time. But he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her body lying there, moving slightly to the music as she sang. Her full breasts were squashed against the tight swimming costume making him want to go out there and pull it down and set them free. Just thinking about them made him go hard. He could feel his pulse racing and was surprised by his aroused state.  

Good lord, he muttered. He really had been working too hard lately and he hadn’t felt this aroused for some time. Yes there had been many lovers over the last few years, women he knew only wanted to get close to the glamour and fortune that came with the Kellias name. But there hadn’t been anyone that he wanted to date since the accident. But it was impossible to even think about Miss Chadwick in that way. She was his housekeeper, a friend to Talia and that was all. An employee, the end, full stop. He never crossed those lines of employer/employee. Well, other than that night on the boat. 

What the hell was wrong with him? Going soft in his old age? First he throws a tantrum for her wearing such a sexy dress, kisses her in a jealous rage and now sneaking a look at her almost naked body like a silly school boy. 

He stood shaking his head at the mad thoughts racing through his head, feeling very sheepish at his voyeurism, just as Amelia sat up and made a move to go into the pool.  As she bent over to put her iPod in her bag, he was shocked by what he saw on her back. Terrible scars, all over her back.  Red and angry, marking her milky white skin. What the hell or who the hell had made those scars? 

They were horrific and it was clear they had been done recently. How on earth had this happened? Who did this to her? Was this why she had left England? 

A hundred questions flew through his head. He was desperate to know how she had been hurt and felt his blood boil at the thought that a man was to blame. Who could treat a beautiful girl in such a violent and cruel way?

Then he remembered the incident in the car the night he picked her up from the airport and the nightmare which left her shaking and pale. Was she recounting the terrible memory of what happened?

Just then she looked up and he moved quickly to the left, out of her view. His heart pounding, he kicked himself for being so weak and staying to watch. He hoped she hadn’t seen him. 

She dived into the pool and was surprised by her grace and confidence, which was certainly a world away from the timid little mouse he had met on those first few early days. So, there was more to little miss uptight Miss Chadwick then he first realised. But he had to admit she was growing in confidence since she’d arrived and had continued to challenge his decisions over Talia and sleepovers. She’d won in the end, well a compromise surely? She intrigued him, on one hand so soft and vulnerable and despite his harsh and abrupt approach he had rarely seen her shy away or get tearful, even when he shouted. She had guts to move so far from home having suffered such a trauma.  He wanted to ask her but knew he couldn’t without admitting he’d been watching her. He wasn’t exactly earned her trust where he could ask her to share secrets when he himself hid so much. 

“Uncle, you’re home. This is such a wonderful surprise.” 

Talia burst in through the kitchen door and launched herself at him and threw her arms around his waist. 

“Talia, why do you insist on coming in the kitchen door and not the front door, like I’ve asked? That door is for the staff to use.” 

He looked down at her bright brown eyes and wide innocent smile and he knew he couldn’t be mad with her.  She really was a lovely child and reminded him so much of her Mother. 

“You’re home early, does that mean we can go to the beach? Please Uncle, please? Amy loves to swim and we could take the dingy. Only yesterday she was saying she hasn’t been yet. Look there she is in the pool now, I’ll go and tell her. Please say yes, Uncle Alex. Please??” 

So, she is called Amy, he liked it and it suited her and seemed much softer than the Miss Chadwick that she’d insisted he use. It would be interesting to see if she agreed to go with them, wouldn’t this expose what he now knew about her back? He wondered how hard it had been for her to conceal her secret from everyone at the Villa. Clearly that is why she had insisted on a new lock be fitted to her door. Good lord, what happened to her back in England?

“Yes, ok but we can’t stay long as I have to do some work ready for a meeting tomorrow and then pack as I have to stay in Athens tomorrow. Go and ask Am… Miss Chadwick if she would like to accompany us, but remember it’s her day off and she might want to be by herself.”

Amelia must have lost track of time as she thought she had ages before Talia was due home. She could have kicked herself to be left exposed in this way. Panic stricken at the invitation to the beach, she tried to think how to get out of the pool without her back being in view. She desperately wanted to go to the beach but knew that it would mean swimming with Talia and how could she explain she would need to wear a t-shirt? Not wearing the t-shirt just wasn’t an option. She wasn’t ready to explain what happened to her back, not yet, not ever? 

“That’s kind of you to ask Talia and normally I would love go to the beach with you but I have only just got in the pool and really want to have a long swim, and after that I need to write home to my family and then I am meeting a friend in town for dinner and will need to get ready. Perhaps we can go next week?”

Mr Kellias was listening and watching from the veranda and could see that she kept her back against the wall of the pool. And the visible strain it was taking for her to conceal her secret. She had gone so pale and anxious looking. He suddenly felt desperately sorry for her. 

Mr Kellias motioned for Talia to come into the house. 

“Talia, come, Miss Chadwick clearly has other things to do on her day off then entertain us. Let us go now before I change my mind.” 

He spoke quickly and a little forcefully in Greek to ensure that Talia didn’t question him. If he could get Talia inside then Miss Chadwick could escape the pool without anyone seeing. 

She was so relieved to see Talia following her uncle into the house but could see how disappointed she was. She felt terrible about saying no and knew she had hurt Talia’s feelings. She would have to think of someway to make it up to her. 

Just as she had slipped the beach dress over her head Mr Kellias came out again and she quickly said. 

“I think I might come to the beach after all, if that’s still ok? I think I was being rather selfish before but I can swim another day and I really do love spending time with Talia. And I haven’t ventured to the beach yet. I hope she wasn’t offended? I’ll probably keep my dress on as I think I’m a little sunburnt.” 

It was a good lie, he was impressed. He wouldn’t have thought she had it in her. 

“Yes of course, Talia will be pleased you’ve changed your mind. Collect your things and be ready to leave in five minutes.” 

They took umbrellas and sun beds on the private beach near the marina, owned by a friend of Mr Kellias. She wouldn’t have been surprised if it had been his own beach. Or the whole bay.  

As he stripped down to a pair of shorts and a white shirt and she had to look away. Good lord, he was, well he looked……..she almost laughed at what she was thinking. He looked magnificent. Toned, tanned and far far too close to her sun bed. He certainly wasn’t a boy like the guys at uni. Oh no, he was definitely a man with thick muscular thighs, covered in dark hair, broad tanned feet and someone totally at ease with beach culture. He had flip flop tan marks. She liked that. 

He glanced down at her legs and asked.  

“Are you always this pale? Do you tan if you lie in the sun?”

“It’s ok, don’t worry I’ve got factor forty on, it’s practically a blanket.” Smiling at her own joke. 

He wished he hadn’t asked her that as now all he could think about was her in a bikini, lying full stretch on a sun bed, glistening with sun lotion. 

Uncomfortable and unused to the familiarity between them, they turned their attention to Talia who now running down to the water. 

She played with Talia, wading out into the sea and pushing her round in the dingy, laughing together. 

“Why don’t we go for an early dinner, now? We can put the bags in the car and go to the taverna just there, by the beach?” Mr Kellias asked.

“Oh yes Uncle, can we? Can I have pizza?” Talia was clearly excited by being allowed to have pizza. 

“There are other things to eat other than pizza Talia. Why not a good Greek Lamb Moussaka. This is a simple taverna Miss Chadwick but the food is actually very good. You should try something local.”

It was a wonderful couple of hours. By the time they got home she felt tired, a little sunburnt, full of wonderful fennel and lemon fish and a small glass of wine. But seeing Mr Kellias spending quality time with Talia pleased her most.

Talia was asleep before they got back to the villa and he carried her up to her room and left Amelia to put her to bed. He was waiting for her when she came down the stairs. 

“Miss Chadwick, tomorrow I have an important meeting in Athens and will need stay at the apartment. I need you to accompany me there as I need you to give the apartment a thorough clean and look at re stocking supplies, food and wine. I’ll give you a full brief in the car on the way. We will leave tomorrow morning and will stay over night and be back here at the villa late the following evening, so you will need an overnight bag. The driver will leave here at 7am prompt and drop you at the apartment.”

Amelia stared at him, taking in what he had said. Stay at the apartment, overnight, just the two of them? After what happened. 

Why did that send her nerves on edge, she didn’t want to spend any time alone with him at his apartment, let alone a whole night. It just felt, well, it felt too dangerous. 

“Who else will be going with us to Athens? Is Mariska coming too?” 

She nervously looked up as asked the question. 

Impatiently he replied.

“No she will need to stay here and collect Talia from the bus stop and then deliver her to her friends for a sleep over. I’m sure you can manage to make us a basic meal for just one night Miss Chadwick.” He’d misunderstood her reservations and thought she was trying to shirk her responsibilities. 

“No, I mean, yes of course, a meal, I mean of course I can cook a meal for us, I just didn’t think you would want me to. Mariska is such an amazing cook.” 

Thinking quickly about her best dishes. 

“Is there anything you don’t like? Fish or……..?” 

It was a normal question, the sort she would ask at home if she’d been cooking for friends. 

“Miss Chadwick, I am Greek and have lived all my life by the sea, of course I eat fish. I’m sure whatever you prepare will be fine.” 

But then he thought that she probably hadn’t been to Athens before and after what he had found out earlier it might do her good to get out and see a little of Athens. 

Softening his voice a little.

 “Tell me Miss Chadwick, have you been to Athens before? You know it is a wonderful city and has many wonderful restaurants. If you would like, we can eat out?” 

She was surprised by his sudden change of tone. He even made an attempt at a smile. An attempt. Not quite reaching his eyes, but an improvement on the scow. 

If they ate out she thought, at least that was less time she would spend with him in the confined space of the apartment. 

She smiled back shyly as she didn’t want to appear too keen on going out and neglecting her cooking duties. 

 “No, you’re right I’ve never been to Athens before. Of course I’ve eaten in Greek restaurants at home in England but somehow I can’t imagine the experience or the food compares.” 

She laughed gently, glancing up at him, suddenly feeling self conscious at wanting to accept his offer. 

“So, if it’s still ok, I would like to eat out? I mean, I can still cook if you want? I promise I won’t poison you” 

He was walking towards his office and just before he disappeared through the door he looked over his shoulder and said 

“I’ll book Efhalia’s, it’s one of my favourite restaurants and has the best views in Athens. See you in seven. Don’t be late. “

She suddenly excited, going to Athens, dining out in what was probably one of the best restaurants in Athens and she had to admit she was looking forward to getting to see Athens, seeing the city, even if it did mean spending time with the formidable Mr Kellias. 

She knew little about him, his parents, his childhood, what he liked, if he had a girlfriend as he never talked about anything other than things to do with the house or Talia. She was kidding herself if she said she wasn’t intrigued. He was incredibly good looking, clearly wealthy, but all he seemed to do was work. Why wasn’t he married? So, that was her mission. No, not to marry him, but to find out more about him, what made him tick and if he had a girlfriend.

Mission; get to know the mysterious Mr Alexander Kellias.


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