He loves her

“Without any sort of resolution, but for once they hadn’t argued or fallen out either, they finished their meal and took a walk around the square, slowly looking at all her favourite shops. She loved the square and at night it was magical. She went from shop to shop looking in the windows with all their goods displayed for tourists.

He’d lived here most of his life but rarely wandered around the town now and was surprised how much he was enjoying it.

She stopped and pointed out her favourite jewellery shop.

“Yes I know” he replied.

“You love silver, turquoise and agate jewellery.” Smirking at her surprised look.

She looked up at him then.

“How do you know that?”

“I know everything about you Amelia.” He said sincerely, looking at her intensely.

She loved it when he used her first name, would she ever get tired of him saying it that way?

“You think so, eh?” She was replied, teasing him.

“I see you almost every day, Talia talks non stop about you, actually so does Mariska, what you like, where you’ve been that day, if you’re sad, happy, it’s impossible for me to not know what you like.”

He carried on when he saw her give a little shy smile.

“You come here once a week and drink wine at the taverna, you read the English papers, which your Father sends despite you telling him you can read all of the news online. You love the Beatles, Amy Winehouse and jazz, but not the new sort, the old Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington kind. You have a sister called Alice, who you miss very much and write to regularly and send her a little something each time. You take time out every week to volunteer at the after school club and have been asked if you would consider working there full time. Family is everything to you, more so than money, possessions or status, as is having the love of someone who respects you for you.”

He paused again.

“How am I doing?”

She was amazed by what he had just said. Could she have been wrong about him? Was there really a heart in there after all? Her heart skipped a beat suddenly full of hope.

“Not bad Mr Kellias. Not bad for someone whose head is usually stuck in the computer or in the financial times.”

He slipped his hand into hers and slowly drew it up to his mouth and kissed it, keeping his eyes on her the whole time.

“There is something about you Amelia, you make me……I want to…….. well, you make me feel like I could be a better person again, the person I once was.”

She looked down at their hands interwoven together. She didn’t resist, she didn’t want to. Her tiny white hand mixed his broad brown fingers.”


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