A dark night in Aurora

As I woke up this morning with worries about daily life, money, work, bills, exam results, I can’t help thinking about the people of Aurora, Colorado who woke without a sister, brother, mother, father, daughter, son. What started out as a fun filled, happy and exciting event turned into a bloody massacre which no one, other than the man who did it, can make sense of.  12 dead and 52 injured.

The man on Radio 2 is discussing should the film be banned and do we need extra security in our cinemas. Why? Because the man might come back and do it again? He’s in prison. Because someone might copy him and do it again? Yes possible, but highly unlikely and how often does that actually happen?

As twisted and crazy as this man must be, I also think those staying away from cinema’s must also be a bit bonkers. I can’t believe I am alone when I think we should carry on our normal day, doing things we enjoy, living freely and with fear yes, but not allowing it to cripple us. Otherwise, well, otherwise we’ll end up never leaving the house.

Surely by going to see the film, an innocent story, make believe, a piece of total fiction we are telling the murdering coward that we defy his violence and aggression?  That he is a minority in our world, who may have his five minutes of fame but from this day on he has nothing, is no one.  We still have our freedom to pay our money and see the film, his actions have not changed that, nor should they. And what a tribute it would be if we all went.


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